Hunting Elephants In Squirrel Country

Church "metrics" are an interesting topic. Everyone has their idea of what are good metrics to keep an eye on to gauge success and health. In America, one of the biggest "success" and "health" metrics (despite what we are willing to admit to) is size. The size of churches service attendance... The size of churches [...]

Church Etiquette – How We Ought to Live

Today on social media, I saw a post with the following photograph attached. NOTE: the post said that this was as true today as it was when it was written. Here's the photograph: Now, no offense intended here, however I'm being honest...the list in this photograph is more or less useless. It doesn't have anything [...]

Whose DNA Should We Have?

Over the years a common phrase I've heard in the institutional church is "This is our DNA". This usually refers to how a local church body does things, or the specific practices they...well...practice. Many times this "DNA" isn't so much about the DNA of Christ, but is more about the DNA of the senior pastor, [...]

The JOY of Restoration and The Gospel

Guilty YouTube pleasure confession: I LOVE watching these videos (that have no music or talking) of these guys taking old rusted out "things" and restoring them to their former glory. A sort of ASMR video for adults. For instance, I'm watching one right now where he is restoring an old rusted out NIC projector from [...]