Whose DNA Should We Have?

Over the years a common phrase I've heard in the institutional church is "This is our DNA". This usually refers to how a local church body does things, or the specific practices they...well...practice. Many times this "DNA" isn't so much about the DNA of Christ, but is more about the DNA of the senior pastor, [...]

The JOY of Restoration and The Gospel

Guilty YouTube pleasure confession: I LOVE watching these videos (that have no music or talking) of these guys taking old rusted out "things" and restoring them to their former glory. A sort of ASMR video for adults. For instance, I'm watching one right now where he is restoring an old rusted out NIC projector from [...]

Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

Rarely do the things we believe in our hearts fall hard “left” or hard “right”. Despite what the talking heads on the television try to tell us. Most of us don’t truly exist in the extremes because it is in the extremes that we see hard lines being drawn refusing to let ideals mesh together [...]

40 Years: A Reflection

40 is here. It's official. 40 years I have been on this planet. I'm honestly not sure what I thought I would feel today. I'm still not sure what I feel other than blessed to have such great family and friends around me. Not that long ago 40 seemed so far away. But now...it's here. [...]