I Pledge Allegiance – But To Who Exactly?

This Sunday is one of the rare occasions where July 4th falls on a Sunday.

Certainly, everywhere across America Christians and non-Christians alike will be celebrating on that day the freedom we gained from an oppressive king and government – which is certainly something worth celebrating.

But, over the last few years I have noticed an unhealthy trend in the Church toward lifting up our political party loyalty and our nation (the United States of America) above and beyond our loyalty to Jesus and the Kingdom which He is building. And so while I’m excited to celebrate on the Fourth on Sunday, I’m a little hesitant and concerned.

Church, on this July 4th, let us be reminded that our freedom’s do not come from a government, and are not secured by politicians or even our military (BTW – I love our military, so don’t read into that). But rather, our freedoms come from a God who loved us so much that He sent His only Son (Jesus) to die in our place where we rightfully should have…so that we might be redeemed to Him and brought into a right relationship with Him, and given a freedom that no government can grant or take away.

May we be reminded that while America is our temporal place of residence, and that we as Christians belong to a higher and greater Kingdom than could ever be produced by man.

May we be reminded that our American patriotism should never overshadow our loyalty to the Kingdom of God. Ever.

We can celebrate our American freedoms.

We can have our cook outs.

We can wave our flags.

We can shoot our fireworks.

We can cruise the lakes and rivers in our boats.

We can say the pledge to a flag.

But we must never take our eyes off of the only One who secured us from what matters…our sin, ourselves, and our enemy (Satan). We must never pledge allegiance to our country first and place that patriotism above our loyalty to our King and Redeemer Jesus and the Kingdom which He alone is building.

So to Him and Him alone I now pledge:

I pledge allegiance to Jesus Christ

The One who saved my soul

And for His Kingdom I will stand

One Kingdom

Under God


Carrying liberty and the gospel to all

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