Morning Discipline – The Glorious Freedom in Forgiving Others

a bunk bed with striped linen behind bars

In a lot of ways we assume that by forgiving someone that this means the wrong never happened. Or, we think that by forgiving someone that this offer of forgiveness is only going to impact them. But the reality is, forgiveness, more times than not, actually benefits the forgiver far and above the one who has been forgiven.

I Pledge Allegiance – But To Who Exactly?

Certainly, everywhere across America Christians and non-Christians alike will be celebrating on that day the freedom we gained from an oppressive king and government - which is certainly something worth celebrating. But, over the last few years I have noticed an unhealthy trend in the Church toward lifting up their political party loyalty and our nation (the United States of America) above and beyond our loyalty to Jesus and the Kingdom which He is building. And so while I'm excited to celebrate on the Fourth on Sunday, I'm a little hesitant and concerned.