Sowing Seeds of Kindness

Testimony time!

(NOTE: Car pictures is NOT my car)

So, I have the day off. I was getting in my car to go visit my wife at work and get a coffee, when my car got stuck in the mud of our driveway.

As I was attempting to use some wood to get traction (which wasn’t working the way I had it) a gentleman in a big truck stopped and offered to pull me out.

I was successfully unstuck thanks to this man and kind and simple gesture.

So a huge thanks to this man and a bigger thanks to God who ordained this moment that this gentleman would drive by right at the very moment I needed help and have everything I needed to get unstuck.

As I’ve had a moment to sit and meditate on that experience, I’ve come to this realization, when Jesus said, “Do to others as you would have done to you” he wasn’t just talking about how you ought to treat others, but also telling us that our acts of kindness toward others can actually multiply kindness toward ourselves.

This isn’t a selfish thing. I want others to treat others kindly. I want others to treat me kindly. I cannot expect that others will be kind to me if I treat others poorly and abrasively.

In other words, kindness is a two way street. A two way street that begins with yourself.

You see, I’ve noticed an increase in people being kind toward me ever since the Holy Spirit convicted me of my treatment of others in the name of “truth”. I have fought hard to be more kind. I still fail. But my failures, I believe, are more fewer than my victories.

But this is the lesson I’ve learned in the last couple years and was reminded of again today:

If you want to see kindness multiplied around you, you must first sow kindness toward others from you.

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