COVID19 Has Turned Us Into Zombies

COVID has been a pain in our butts for the vast majority of 2020…this much is true. People have died (over 200k in the US). This is no small thing. However, perhaps one of the worst outcomes of the entire thing is how we have come to treat one another…our friends, family, and neighbors.

We were already at one another’s throats over stupid politics and religion…but then we throw in a virus that no one knows anything about coupled with government agencies and health organizations talking like experts on the matter when they knew very little as well…and suddenly everyone is a health expert and everyone is a threat.

As a result, I have watched people begin to treat others (their friends, neighbors, and family) like they are social pariahs…or like they are carrying the Black Death in their pocket. I have literally had people run away from me because I was asked to usher them to their seat at a wedding. I’ve gotten dirty looks because I stood too close or something to someone one time in line at the store (even though I had a mask on). I’ve seen people calling the cops on other people to report that they are not wearing a mask in a store (this actually happened in my town), and the cops actually showed up!

NEWS FLASH…your friends, family, and neighbors aren’t zombies!

They’re humans.

They aren’t your enemies.

They’re humans.

If anything, WE are the zombies acting out in mindless fear toward the people we know, love, and see every day.

Now it’s the elections turn to drive a deeper wedge between us. Heaven forbid you say anything remotely political online as you might receive private messages telling you that you’re not really a Christian. Or have someone lose their mind on you on a social media post. Or come and tear up your political parties signs in your front yard. Or worse…

All this for what? Because we are afraid. And in our fear we have turned one another into threats and enemies.

As we move into the 2020 holiday season I REALLY hope we’ll snap out of our zombie like state and come back to our senses a little bit with our friends, family, and neighbors. You know, treat them like human beings again instead of like walking diseases that must be avoided at all costs.

P.S. I’m giving out free hugs. Next time you see me, I’ll be happy to give you one!

Theory of International Politics and Zombies – Foreign Policy


  1. So true. We come from the UK where people are being told to ‘report neighbours to the police’ for breaking local lockdown rules. We’re currently travelling in Croatia, where community is everything and people are still finding ways to be kind and support each other through the nightmare that is 2020. The contrast between the two is huge – people are so much happier here. They haven’t let fear override humanity (but then again, their government and press doesn’t seem to buy into the fear-mongering that ours does wither). Great post – stay safe! x

    1. You hit the nail on the head…fear hasn’t overriden their humanity. Fear is a massive driving force. And left unchecked can lead us to do all sorts of unsavory things. Here’s to hoping the UK and the US get our heads back in the right place.

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