It Rains on the Just and the Unjust…

I’m not trying to “rain” on anyone’s parade, or be negative. What I am trying to do is paint a picture of the reality of where we are as a nation and issue a warning. And if our people continue to choose to ignore the warning we will further entrench and solidify the judgment of God that is due us for our negligent handling of His Word, His Church, and our duties as believers to this nation. 

I keep seeing comments (by several, mind you) about how much the name of Jesus was mentioned and God and prayer and scripture verses being read during the inauguration yesterday. As if this was a miraculous revearsal of decades (it not centuries) of national sin. And yet, repentance was strangely absent from everyone’s lips. Even from the lips of famed evangelist Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham. 

In fact, one of the biggest things I keep seeing over and over again was the comment made by Franklin Graham when he said, 

In the Bible rain was a sign of blessing. Mr. President, it began to rain when you came on to the platform.

I am really not trying to be negative I promise (despite what many have accused me of), but can we honestly say God is blessing and healing (or will bless and heal) a land (America) that murders the unborn by the millions, spits in the face of marriage as ordained by God, values greed and selfishness over everything, and has and continues to do everything they can to remove God from the public square? 

(And that’s the short list – I haven’t even talked about the embarrassment that has become the American Church or the countless other national sins we have)

My question to you is simply this: what good are all of these things when they miss entirely the reason we are where we are and ignore what needs to happen in order to move past it? 

Do we really believe that one 30 minute period of time is somehow going to be equal to repentance when the very action and idea of repentance wasn’t even mentioned or acted upon (and actually there was more standing our ground on personal pride and personal strength – even from the pastors on that platform) and then we have the audacity to expect God to heal our land and bless us as a nation?

I realize many won’t agree with me on this. And to be fair, we didn’t agree the entire election about the scriptural truths and precepts clearly found in the pages of Gods Word with regard to Christians and our involvement in the political and national realm so I don’t suppose I should expect any less. 

But all I can say is that a massive, and probably an infinitely more important opportunity was tragically missed yesterday. And what breaks my heart even more is watching Christians touting yesterday as some victory for the church and a sudden return to God centeredness when it was nothing more than political showmanship. 

My prayer is simple: 

God have mercy on your people. We wander blindly. We ignore your prophets and cast them out as loonies, naysayers, Pharisees, and other unsavory names we call them. But Your truth will prevail. Your judgments will be made known. And Your love steadfast for those who are faithful. We lean entirely into Your sovereign hand for there is no other who can save us than You. 

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