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Election Day Woes

I used to be obsessed in a very unhealthy way with politics. It consumed my thoughts, my actions, my social media, my discussions, my arguments…it very literally consumed everything. I spent many years expressing my views about all things political, and it was exhausting. It’s Election Day 2019, and here are some of the thoughts running through my mind on the matter.

It Rains on the Just and the Unjust…

I’m not trying to “rain” on anyone’s parade, or be negative. What I am trying to do is paint a picture of the reality of where we are as a nation and issue a warning. And if our people continue to choose to ignore… Continue Reading “It Rains on the Just and the Unjust…”

When Fear Blinds You to Reality

Have you ever been so afraid that you were blind to what was really happening around you? I know I’ve experienced this. Especially when the pressures of life began to have a profound effect on more than just myself, but also my family, or… Continue Reading “When Fear Blinds You to Reality”

Obedience in the Voting Booth “Trumps” Party Nominations

To say that this election season has been one wild ride is putting it mildly. It has been insane. It’s been a roller coaster ride that folks will not soon be forgetting. Part of what has made this election season so different has been… Continue Reading “Obedience in the Voting Booth “Trumps” Party Nominations”

Stopping the impending social and political train wreck. 

I have recently been asked how do we stop the political train wreck today as we look forward with a long-term strategy past this current election. And here are my thoughts. As for today, we must make the conscious decision to stop playing by… Continue Reading “Stopping the impending social and political train wreck. “

Trump isn’t AS Evil as Hillary – Vote for TRUMP!

At least, this is what “evangelical Christian” supporters of Trump might as well be saying. And in reality, this is more or less what they are saying when they tell us that we “have to” vote for the lesser of two evils because…you know…Trump… Continue Reading “Trump isn’t AS Evil as Hillary – Vote for TRUMP!”