Trump isn’t AS Evil as Hillary – Vote for TRUMP!

At least, this is what “evangelical Christian” supporters of Trump might as well be saying. And in reality, this is more or less what they are saying when they tell us that we “have to” vote for the lesser of two evils because…you know…Trump isn’t AS evil as Hillary or Bernie.

You’ll have to excuse me while I go bang my head against a brick wall.

OK…I’m back.

Seriously folks? This is your defense for voting for Trump? No mention of biblical precept? No mention of honoring God? Just that he’s not AS evil as Hillary or Bernie?

Then when these Christian folks are challenged on what in the life of Trump or in the pages of the Bible would suggest that this is remotely a good idea…those issuing the challenge are either berated, told they are voting for Hillary or Bernie by not voting for Trump, or told that we have “differing views”.

Sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade, and I’m gonna call it like I see it…this isn’t a matter of differing views….this isn’t a matter of voting for Hillary or Bernie by proxy…this is a matter of not connecting dots and of not having God’s word as your foundation for political engagement.

Please hear me when I say this…if we believe God’s word when it says that when “the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan” (Prov. 29:2), WHY on earth would you elect or put your support behind someone who you believe is probably still evil and wicked…just not AS wicked as the other person that is up for election?

It makes no sense. I can’t find a single biblical precept that supports this kind of thinking.

Why would you want to elect someone who, with his own mouth, has stated that he hasn’t done anything he feels he needs to ask God for forgiveness about, and that greed is what he desires and that he just wants “more, more, more”.

I’ve heard yet another supporter of Trump say he’s supporting Trump because he will usher in the judgment of God on this nation for all of our sins.

Is it possible that God is going to use Trump to exact judgment on this nation for our negligence in several areas God has deemed evil? Perhaps. But, why would we not be more like Abraham when God said He would destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, that he pleaded with God to spare them and stay His hand?

Instead, anyone who speaks this way sounds more like Jonah who pronounced judgment on Nineveh and sat outside the city walls waiting for God to bring fire from heaven. Don’t get me wrong, Jonah did exactly what God told Jonah to do (after being corrected of course), but as we read in the book of Jonah, he wasn’t so keen on actually giving this message to the Ninevites..not because He believed God would destroy them…but because he knew God was a most gracious and forgiving God and would redeem them if they sought forgiveness.

So in reality, Jonah’s desire wasn’t for the redemption of the people of Ninevah, but their destruction under the weight of God’s judgment. It was a sick desire for death and destruction and was an outpouring of hate rather than love. This doesn’t sound very Christ-like.

Were not some of us like the very people we call down the judgment of heaven upon?

I for one, while I may judge something to be unrighteous in accordance with God’s word, desire to see redemption. I have children growing up in this atmosphere, and I in no way, shape, or form, desire to see my kids fall under the judgment of God. I wish to spare them the full weight of His hand if at all possible and introduce them to the redemptive side of God instead.

So I can’t help but ask the question of why evangelicals wish to hand the keys of our nation over to the enemy without at least putting up a fight to restore and redeem our nation in the sight of God?

Why do we have a Jonah spirit and not an Abraham spirit?

Are we really that bloodthirsty of a church that we’d rather do everything we can to supposedly usher in the judgment of God?

How much do we have to hate our fellow American’s to keep maintaining this “lesser of 2 evils” mindset that perpetuates the evil we are living in the midst of, rather than seeking to bring in a “ruler” (if you will) that will honor God in how he leads our nation?

God awaken your bride.


  1. So, don’t vote for Trump, who then? Hillary stands for everything God’s church does not. Who then if it comes down to those two? The church ought to speaking out against her, not just Trump.

    1. I agree – but there are more options than simply voting for the GOP or DNC nominee. Too many act as if this is our only option. Most states allow write in votes (my state SC doesn’t) and then there is always a third party option such as the Constitution Party which has a really good party platform and often times candidates with outstanding character and integrity.

      Fact is, there are far more important things than just keeping the “other guy” from winning. If you are a Christian we should seek to honor God with all that we do, including who we vote for. It may mean the person you voted for doesn’t win…but in reality…we aren’t winning by choosing between the lesser of two evils anyways. But by voting biblical values and precepts you are voting with integrity, even if it means your guy or gal doesn’t win.

      Integrity is far more important than winning, and if more Christians voted this way, perhaps we wouldn’t have to keep choosing between the lesser of two evils.

      So look to the scripture for what it says is what a civic leader should look like and vote accordingly. Stop buying into the bullying tactics that most are peddling with this whole lesser of two evils nonsense. Evil is evil.

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