An Update On the Morning Discipline

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Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

It’s just me, Brad, reaching out because It’s been almost 2 months since I last wrote an article on this blog or posted a Morning Discipline.

The reality is, life became a whirlwind of things right around the last post on this blog (sometime in June) and I had to make some decisions to reduce some things in my life so I could focus on other things for a time.

The two biggest things I needed to focus on were:

  1. Several issues at my place of full time employment
  2. Getting my house ready to list for sale

I would love to say that my life is perfect and that I have no issues at all, but I would be lying. I have lots of issues, and lots of stresses, and lots of pressures. Unfortunately, for a time, my job and preparing our house to sell surpassed them all and became a major point of stress for me.

When I say “major point of stress”, I mean I had a literal anxiety attack one day. I’ve never had anything like that, so it caught me completely by surprise. I managed to navigate it and, thankfully, I haven’t had one since.

I’m now on the other side of those things.

My life at my job has calmed a bit, and become a lot more manageable.

My house is now officially listed, and so now we’re focusing on maintaining the house for showings.

Our house listed last week and I’ve opted to take a week off to breathe some since we spent over 6 weeks straight (day and night) getting stuff done in our house to prepare for the sale.

So, here I am, finally letting you all know what’s going on in my life. I apologize for not having updated you all. Those close to me (friends and family) have known, but you, my readers here on the blog (unless they are also friends and family) had not been updated until now.

Where am I going from here?

I’m going to get the blog going again with the Morning Discipline. At this point I’m not sure I can promise it will be done in the morning every day. That will be my goal, but I think I will change the name to Daily Discipline so that I’m not locked into a specific time of day to have it done (mostly because my schedule shifts too dramatically from day to day).

I’ve also freshened up the website and given the Daily Discipline it’s own home place for you to go directly to when you want.

So yeah…have no fear, I’ve not gone anywhere! Life just happens and sometimes it requires a readjustment of attention to get through various events that come up.

Then you pivot and give your attention back to the things you had to set aside for a time.

And that is where I am at.

With all that said, be on the lookout next week as the freshly rebranded Daily Discipline will hit the blog!

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By the way, thanks for listening (errr….reading) and allowing me to be open and transparent about all things “my life”. I appreciate all of you.

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