Smiling Faces

Christians and those of you so-called, you need to check your circle. Who’s encouraging you in the faith? Who’s reminding you of gospel implications in your every day struggles? Who has your ear, your head and your heart when difficulties arise or when drastic decisions need to be made? Take a look at the people closest to you. If you’re not being challenged or sharpened by those you hold most dear, consider a few things:

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Someone in your crew is smiling in your face, laughing at your jokes and telling you that they love you and they really don’t. They have a contrary opinion to every aspect of your faith and they openly antagonize the God you say you pledge allegiance to with no regard. I am not saying we shouldn’t have unbelieving friends — I’ve got a lot of them. What I am saying you can’t play both sides of the fence.

We live in polarizing times. We seem to have drastically different opinions on every little thing. That’s okay when we’re talking about varying ways to honor God. It’s not okay when the discussion is about one way that honors God and what He says in the Word. Look at your circle again. Are the people most influential to you openly mocking and antagonizing your faith? Are they ridiculing those that are your brothers and sisters if you are indeed of the faith? Should you really be taking cues from the people that are in open rebellion to your God?

I’m asking these questions because I’ve seen so much of this. It’s disheartening to see so many people that claim to be Christians using arguments of those that have no interest in honoring God and are proudly making choices to spite Him. Say for instance, I once had a professing Christian challenge me on my view of Christian missionaries. While this person did not like my stance, there were people saying blatantly racist things about one missionary in particular and it went unchallenged. Yet, there was a problem with my support of those that are willing to go to dangerous places.

Unbelievers like to excuse their sins because Christians sin too. Is that a biblical defense for anything? Will anyone be around when you’re being judged? Why are people that call themselves Christians sharing these biblically illiterate memes and judging people by the specks in their eyes? Aren’t we plainly told to not do that? Listen, friends. I’m not saying these things to excuse any sin or hypocrisy on any given issue. I’m just saying we need to be consistent.

Again, take a look at your circle. Do you find yourself siding with your circle over brothers and sisters who aim to honor God? Do you find yourself siding with people that frequently clash with those that are bold enough to take a biblical stand against things God says are evil? You may want to reconsider who you let influence you if so.

But, hey. You don’t have to take my word for it. You don’t have to believe anything I say. If you’re a believer, you should care about what God says.

  • James 4:4
  • Ezekiel 16:32
  • Matthew 6:24
  • John 15:19
  • Romans 8:7
  • 1 Corinthians 1:20-21
  • 1 John 2:15
  • Romans 12:2

It goes on and on. Beware who you side with. You may find yourself opposing God.

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