You might have a sacred cow if…

  1. You go to church based on who is preaching rather than who they are preaching about.
  2. Your first thought after worship is about how loud it was instead of how great our God is.
  3. You think the King James Version is the only legitimate version of the Bible (feel free to replace KJV with whatever version you use).
  4. You don’t think a church worships God because all they sing is hymns. (Also feel free to replace hymns with contemporary songs)
  5. Your more loyal to a denomination than you are to God.
  6. You think a church is apostate because the women there wear makeup and pants.
  7. Your ability to worship hinges on an organ, choir, or praise team being present on the stage.
  8. Your more concerned with what title you hold in a church than with how much you can serve others in the church without even being recognized.

I could probably go all day if I really wanted to.

And sadly all churches have them. Traditional and contemporary. Young and old. Baptist to Catholic. And everything in between.

Most deny their existence. But they are there. Creating unnecessary frustrations and becoming massive hindrances to effective ministry.

It is past time that we prepare the fatted calf and slaughter these sacred cows.

Fact is most, if not all, sacred cows are simply personal preferences that have been elevated to the level of God. And whether or not we like to admit it, we have made our preferences into idols that have replaced the whole reason we gather as a church to begin with.

I firmly believe that if we as a church could move past our sacred cows and begin to focus solely on honoring God in all that we do that the effectiveness of the churches ministry would grow exponentially.

So….who is ready for a BBQ?!

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