Back to the Future Part IV – History Revised

No this isn’t a review or spoiler for some upcoming Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd movie where Marty finds himself trying to prevent his daughter from becoming the next major guest on the Jerry Springer show. So, I’m sorry for the sudden leap of joy you may have experienced in your chest when reading the title.

But I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. OK, no I didn’t, but I figured I needed some credibility here.

Anywho…while this is not a review of the latest remake or revamp of an 80’s classic, I was daydreaming a little on my way into work since I have so much time to sit in traffic and stare at the bumper in front of me (don’t worry–I stayed on the road). And it was there that I began to think about a strange scenario playing out in true Hollywood fashion where Marty McFly who has become an uber progressive professor in a government funded public university decides, along with the quirky Doc Brown, to go back in time to the founding of our nation to attempt to rewrite our history books and erase all evidence that this nation was founded by men who were Christian and religious [NOTE: who allowed those things to influence the way they constructed our founding documents and laws].

And just as Marty and Doc load up in the Delorean, Doc looks at Marty and says, “Facts? Where we’re going we don’t need any facts!”

I know! I know! Marty already went in to the future in Part 2 and we learned that he was a businessman who gets fired and is NOT a professor in a college, who also has a lame son and is married to his high school sweetheart….blah blah blah. I get it. But just dream with me a little. Flex those creative muscles in your brain. Stretch the imagination. Come with me on a journey.

It sounds absurd. Who would want to travel back in time and try to remove facts about our founding fathers and founding documents to try and paint for us a whole different, albeit falsified, picture of how our nation got its start?

Fact is, we have professors, politicians, students, and a huge array of others that exist in our culture today who would love nothing more than to travel back in time and erase or change the history books as they were being written to make it seem like our nation is nothing more than just some secular nation who was established to create an atmosphere where people get to just do what they want whenever they want with whoever they want.

This group of people would love nothing more than to get their hands on Doc Brown’s Delorean and make this a reality.

Fortunately, they do not have a cool time traveling Delorean that fuels itself via trash that can make this a dream come true. But, my friends, don’t think this has put a stop to their plans and prevented them from already saturating our public school systems and public universities with falsified histories depicting our founding fathers as deists (at best) and secularists whose sole mission was to create a secular utopia free from religious oppression (and by oppression I mean Christians proselytizing non-believers publicly and through public policy-law).

And the sad part is–people are buying it.

I don’t know how many conversations I’ve had on social media outlets and even in person with people who literally believe that the majority of our founding fathers were not Christian at all. Which is interesting, and I’m not sure where they get that information, especially when one takes a moment to review the history of each of those founding fathers and finds that actually the MAJORITY of them were actively involved in a Christian denomination and openly professing CHRISTIANS!

So, while I’m not going to take this blog space up to debunk all of the false statements out there concerning our founding fathers and the founding of this nation, I did want to provide some resources to help guide us to the truth and understanding of the historical FACTS surrounding our birth as a nation.

What I’m also not going to do is create an apologetic for the things that our founding fathers participated in (i.e. slavery) which would absolutely put them in direct conflict with scripture. That is another blog for another time. But I do want to say that those things are by no means justifiable. But those things also do not refute our historical beginnings, and it does not refute the biblical framework that influenced our founding fathers when creating our nation’s governing documents.

That said, I would like to toss some awesome resources your direction that helped me understand better how our nation came together and the biblical influences that surrounded our founding. So here they are…4 resources I’ve personally used that I would recommend as a great foundational start:

  1. “God and Government” by Gary DeMar
  4. “Ruler of the Nations” by Gary North

I hope after reading through these resources you have a “Great Scott!” moment (in your best Doc Brown voice) and are inspired to continue studying and researching the real history of this nation, and the founding father’s intent when they helped to establish this nation. And ultimately take this to your friends who have bought into the revisionist historians falsified history and perhaps they too will have a “Great Scott!” moment.

If you know of some other resources you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below. I would love to check those out as well.

Now….to infinity….and BEYOND! Oh wait….wrong movie….

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