In the wind of change

By now you are probably already singing that unforgettable Scorpions tune “Wind of Change” (and if you can whistle – doing the iconic whistle and annoying your dog). I’m literally sitting here listening to it as I write this. Not sure what Gonky Park is….or is it Gorky Park? Anyways….I digress.

I’m sure when the Scorpions wrote this song that they didn’t realize just how philosophical and true their words would be. Or perhaps they did which is why they inserted the always appropriate whistle of reflection (as I would now like to call it)…you know, the one you do or attempt to do when you are by yourself….walking through Gonky (sorry Gorky) Park – wherever that is.

But it is true. Change often comes upon us quickly and silently like a small breeze, perhaps providing some relief to a heated situation, or a calming sensation when things are getting tough. Other times change sweeps in like a category 8 hurricane (if such a one exists) and completely interrupts our life, throwing our home and life into pure chaos.

I am not sure what wind of change you are currently feeling…but I want to just say…you are not alone in this. We are all going through changes, some BIG…some small…but change none-the-less and change isn’t always easy. And we are not alone. Especially we as believers. We have a God who has left us His Spirit…His Spirit who is the Holy Spirit…who interestingly is often visualized as a wind (or breath – John 20:22).

So you see, sometimes that Wind of Change you may be feeling….may actually be the Holy Spirit moving you and guiding you into a new season…into a new place of ministry. So I say this….test the spirits…and if you find that what you are experiencing is indeed the Holy Spirit moving you…then do not resist the Wind of Change. Embrace Him. Follow him toward the destiny and place He is leading you to. 

It may not be easy. But in the end it will be worth it.

And as a word of encouragement…just think on this….the apostles in the upper room in Acts 2:2 had a Wind of Change that came upon them in that room…and rather than resisting Him they embraced Him….and immediately they took to the streets and turned their world upside down (or upside right rather).

So with that I leave you this video. Enjoy!

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