Daily Discipline – Meditating on Scripture

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Meditating on scripture is thinking deeply and focusing our minds on a specific passage we read. I would also add that meditating on scripture is allowing our imagination to paint pictures of what we're reading.

A New Self Discipline Journey

Lately I have become convicted about my lack of self discipline in pretty much all areas of my life. As I've meditated on the concept of discipline and how it currently looks in my life I have come to a startling and helpful realization: I am not prepared to be self disciplined because my mind is not prepared. Thus, the predicament I find myself in.

The Martyrs

In case you missed it, the third entry of this series on apologetics was about eye witnesses to Jesus' ministry. Consider this entry part two of entry #3. This is also going to be about eye witnesses, but from a different vantage point. You see, those that claim that the disciples just "made up" the [...]