Episode 006 – Our Happy Holidays

Some of the best holiday stories aren't the ones you find on TV or in the movies...but right there in your home (or someone else's home) surrounded by your friends and/or family. In this episode, we get to hear YOUR favorite holiday traditions and stories in our special holiday episode, "Our Happy Holidays". Stories and traditions from: 1. Nathan, NC 2. Brad, SC 3. Lucas, TX 4. Deborah, SC 5. Liz, SC 6. Cherie, SC 7. Christopher, SC 8. Rhylee, SC 9. Brian, IN 10. Jonathan, NC 11. Jamie, SC 12. Jonathan, NC 13. Braeden, SC 14. Meg, Host of "Letters From Home Podcast" 15. Andy, NC 16. Monica, NC 17. Averie, SC 18. Chris, Host of "Truce Podcast" 19. Declan, SC 20. Brad and Cherie, SC 21. Anna, SC Music: "Happy Holiday's" by Borrtex "Deck the Halls" by The HoHoHo's