Episode 006 – Our Happy Holidays

Some of the best holiday stories aren't the ones you find on TV or in the movies...but right there in your home (or someone else's home) surrounded by your friends and/or family. In this episode, we get to hear YOUR favorite holiday traditions and stories in our special holiday episode, "Our Happy Holidays". Stories and traditions from: 1. Nathan, NC 2. Brad, SC 3. Lucas, TX 4. Deborah, SC 5. Liz, SC 6. Cherie, SC 7. Christopher, SC 8. Rhylee, SC 9. Brian, IN 10. Jonathan, NC 11. Jamie, SC 12. Jonathan, NC 13. Braeden, SC 14. Meg, Host of "Letters From Home Podcast" 15. Andy, NC 16. Monica, NC 17. Averie, SC 18. Chris, Host of "Truce Podcast" 19. Declan, SC 20. Brad and Cherie, SC 21. Anna, SC Music: "Happy Holiday's" by Borrtex "Deck the Halls" by The HoHoHo's

5 Things to Help Make the Holidays Brighter

We are a little over a week away from Thanksgiving...one of my all-time favorite holidays...because let's face it...I LOVE FOOD! But, over the years I've observed interactions between families--not just my own - I love my family!...but also from other families--and it is interesting to see how holidays, such as Thanksgiving, that should be bringing people together and filling homes and hearts with joy and fellowship...can be one of the biggest stresses on relationships in the existence of the world.

Episode 003 – Don’t Beat the Sheep

Being the leader in a church is hard work. Church folks can be some of the most frustrating and difficult folks to work with. But, despite their flaws (and our own) and the amount of stress and frustration we may face as church leaders, beating the sheep should never be an option. God doesn't take kindly to it, and we put ourselves in great danger when we ignore this fact and abuse the sheep for personal gain. Unfortunately, it happens more often than we may realize as beating the sheep isn't just a physical act. In this episode we introduce another host of the Angry Christian Podcast (Robert Platt) and explore how easy it is to fall into the angry trap as a church leader. [Ezekiel 34:1-11] Credits: Intro Music - "Angry Dance" by Simon Panrucker Other Music as it appears - "Oh Yeah" by Yello, "Sweet Georgia Brown" by Ben Bernie, Maceo Pinkard and Kenneth Casey, "Would Jesus Wear a Rolex" by Ray Stevens, and "Won't You Be My Neighbor" by Fred Rogers