S4Ep7 – It Takes a Village (The Churches Response To Abortion)

Among some of the other profane things being yelled by someone not happy with our presence was this question: “What are you going to do for them?” By them, she meant the children we were there to save. This question is loaded with bogus logic and ignorance to the truth about what we do and what we offer.

The first problem is the logic. Even if we offered absolutely nothing to help (which is NOT the case), abortion would still be a grave sin that endangers the soul of the mother, father, deathscort and the hired hitmen involved. There’s no asterik where the word says “God hates the hands that shed innocent blood”. There’s no exception in God’s word about the punishment being death if a child in the womb dies because of external conflicts. There’s no “what about” in “Thou shall not kill”.

Whether you will acknowledge God or not at this point, this is from a Christian perspective. I say it this way because we all will someday. We are all gonna die and we’re all gonna face judgement. So let’s just breeze on by this, huh? You will find NO WHERE in scripture that it’s okay to violate His will because someone else that claims to follow him is being inactive.

You will also find that this kind of empty logic not applied to virtually anything else. Look up videos of animal abuse or the aftermath thereof. You won’t see anyone asking the question “what are you going to do for those puppies”? As if because someone isn’t adopting any or all abused animals, they don’t have the right to call for justice or publicly declare that this is an offense to not only the creatures themselves and the people you call neighbors, but a holy and righteous God too. This question means nothing. It’s just something people parrot to appeal to emotion.

Let’s dig into it anyway. Let’s address the other problem with a question like this. What ARE we going to do for them? Whatever it takes! We will buy food and water. We’ll buy diapers. We’ll find medical help. We’ll help you find shelter if you don’t have it. We’ll hide you if you’re in danger. We’ll help you find work if you don’t have it. We will adopt your baby if you feel like you just can’t or won’t do it under any circumstance. You’ve heard it said that “it takes a village”. By God, WE are willing to be that village… whatever it takes. This ragtag group of Christians has already proved that it’s willing to sacrifice. What are we willing to do? Some of us have had guns pointed at us, and we still go. Honestly, this question is not serving anybody. Deflection denied.

You’re hearing the sound of a man’s voice that had blood on his hands. I’ve dealt with the guilt, the shame, and the self hatred that nobody wants to discuss publicly. They’re not gonna tell you about the fathers begging for the lives of their children. They’re not gonna tell you about the men that escort their wives to these deathcamps and live to regret it. They’re not gonna tell you about the PTSD women go through. They’re not gonna tell you that no one is even there for women that suffer from regret. They have the money and the deed is done. You’re on your own from there BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.

We do and we serve a God that does. We WILL help. There IS hope for the post abortive mother and father. There is hope for the sinner in general. Let us help you. Let us pray for you. Let us love you. The world out there will watch you march to your own death and clap as you go. They do it everyday. Don’t let your life be marked by this when you face Him.

Because you will. You’ll face a judge. Don’t face Him with blood on your hands that He’s telling you beforehand that He hates. Repent and believe the gospel.

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