Flags, Footballs, Fakes, and Phonies

What started with one guy last year (Colin Kaepernick) has turned into the new NFL wide trend. It’s even infected some high schools, little league sports, and some colleges.

Yes…I said trend and not movement.

“But Brad, why did you say trend and not movement?”, you may ask.

It’s a trend and not a movement because the conversations that are being sparked have nothing to do with what Kaepernick supposedly started kneeling for during the National Anthem.

It’s a trend because people aren’t talking about the supposed reasons these millionaires are kneeling and are more focused on the actual act itself.

It’s a trend because we are now subjected to fake protests that are met with fake outrage by a fake people who are confused about gender, sex, truth, you name it..and they’re mad about kneeling.

It’s a trend because we are now subjected to fake protests about “inequality” by guys who make more than 20 or 30 average American men or women will ever earn in their lifetime put together, and live lifestyles that only the rich and famous will ever have any kind of inkling as to what it’s like.

Inequality? Laughable.

Movement? Hardly.

What we are seeing are footballs and flags being manipulated by fakes and phonies.

It’s a trend because the one guy on his football team (V) that is moved to stand (as a veteran) for the anthem while his team mates hide in their team tunnel is later subjected to ridicule by his own coach and forced to make public apologies for daring to think differently from his team.

This isn’t a movement. This is a trend.

This isn’t a movement. It’s a joke.

People are turning off the NFL by the thousands. Thankfully it was never something I ever picked up. So I’m not missing anything.

The NFL is scrambling to repair its image, and floundering.

It is sad folks. Real sad. And it is by no means a representation of an actual movement.

Movements that prevail move nations to change.

Movements that fail and become trends move nations to change the channel.

Time to change the channel America.

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