A Prophetic Word for America and the Church in Light of the Coming Eclipse

It’s funny how the Lord chooses to speak to me sometimes. Today, it was while I was mowing the lawn melting beneath the heat of the sun.

I realize that over the last couple of weeks I have made light of the coming eclipse (no pun intended), but I do believe the Lord revealed something important to me while I was out there this afternoon.

First, I was reminded that God has ordered all things. From before the foundations of the earth, God knew where America would be on this very day. Even on August 21, 2017. God knew. Again, He has ordered ALL things, including eclipses.

Throughout time, celestial and natural occurrences have played significant roles in the move of God.

In the times of Noah it was a flood.

In the times of the Israelites as they ran from Egypt it was a pillar of fire at night and a pillar of smoke during the day.

For Joshua, God stopped the sun to allow them more time to fight.

For Elijah it was a whirlwind of fire that carried him up into the heavens.

The birth of Jesus was announced to the wise men through a bright star.

The death of Jesus experienced a several hour eclipse.

And on it goes.

I’m hesitant to put this out there, as I believe caution must always be given with regards to prophetic words from God. I want to ensure that this is not from me, but of God entirely. So believe me when I say, the following words do not come from me lightly.

The word I believe God gave to me today was not apocalyptic. But it does come with it a very stern warning, and is no less important. Also, as a quick note, this particular celestial event is only viewable in the United States. And thus, this word is ONLY for the United States of America.

This is what I believe God said to me:

The sun represents the Son of God. Jesus Christ himself.

The moon represents man. In this case, America.

The moon (man) was always intended to reflect the glory of the Sun (Son) to all the earth, but the path that the moon (man) has been on over the course of several years has placed the moon directly in the path of the Sun (Son).

The moon (man) will attempt to blot out the influence of the Sun (Son) by casting out all references to God in legislation and even on buildings and monuments that have been adorned with scripture. For a time Christians will become the most despised people of this nation as they hold the line of truth while the rest of the nation fights against the truth.

But, the moon will only find temporary success and while America will experience a brief period of total spiritual darkness that will envelope the land, even in the states that most would consider to be “religious”, the moon (man) will be humbled, revival will come (the likes we have not seen since the last Great Awakening), and the moon (man) will once more give way to the Sun (Son) and truth and righteousness will prevail.

The moon (America) will become unrecognizable to the rest of the world.

To the Church in America: Be steadfast in prayer. Humble yourselves. Seek the forgiveness of God for our apathy, and our silence, and our part in bringing America to this place. Remain on your face until the day of revival has come. Stay the course, hold the line of truth, and armor yourself with the armor of God as the enemy will come against you in ways that the Church in America has never before seen.

Ephesians 6:10-20 ESV

Seek unity, and keep each other’s backs covered from the darts and arrows of the enemy. Be keen and fully aware of the schemes of the enemy. He does not simply seek to wound you, but to kill you.

But take heart, our God has overcome the world and the enemy and nothing the enemy throws at us will stick.

For as the moon will once more give way to the Sun, so too will America give way to the Son of God.

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