An Inflatable Birthday Guest

One day a father decided he was going to throw a massive birthday party for his son. He invited everyone to come. He sent the invitations out well in advance and provided every detail so that guests would make no mistake of where, when, and who this party was for.

On the day of the birthday, everything was in place.

All the decorations were hung.

There was a band in the back yard playing the sons favorite music.


The cake was baked, decorated with care, and sitting on display in the middle of the room.

It was a beautiful day outside, and nothing could spoil this child’s birthday.

The doorbell began to ring and guests began to arrive!

As they entered the house, they entered in with joy on their faces and gifts in tow. The father directed the guests to the gift table where they could place their gifts and invited them to make themselves at home and get comfortable as the party would soon start.

The party was off to a great start.

Suddenly the door bell rings and as the father opens the door there stands another guest. But the guest is not alone. Under his arm was not a gift, but an inflatable person.

“An inflatable person?” the father asked.

The guest, ignoring the question, enters in and loudly announces that today they have brought a special guest. A special guest who will make the day even better.

“How could your guest make this day any better?” asks the father.

The room grew silent when the father spoke, waiting to hear what the guest had to say.

The guest responded, “Because, my inflatable friend here is also having a birthday! You see, today is the first day that he has been blown up. I realize he’s not a real person, but I think he will just add some more fun and magic to the party. I’m sure your son will love him. And I want everyone to enjoy him as much as I do. Certainly, you won’t have a problem with your son sharing his special day with my inflatable friend here will you?”

Without waiting for a response from the father, the guest walked out to the band in the backyard and handed them a stack of sheet music that the guest had arranged especially for his inflatable friend and asked if they wouldn’t mind playing these songs along with the other songs the father had specially picked out for his son.

Don’t get me wrong…the music was fun.

Something you could dance to.

This was a party after all!

“Certainly you don’t mind if I just spice up the party with some fun music, do you?” said the guest to the father.

And again, without waiting for a response, the guest gleefully strolled over to the decorations on the wall and began to throw up their own decorations over top of the father’s decorations that they had created just for their inflatable friend.

“Your decorations are nice,” said the guest, “but I hope you don’t mind if I add just a little more color to it with these decorations I brought.”

The guest then ran out to their car calling out quickly, “Oh, I almost forgot something. You are really going to love this!”

When they entered in again they had a plate full of cookies and ho ho’s decorated with the face of their inflatable friend. They joyfully walked over to the cake table and carefully pushed the cake over to the side to make room for the treats.

“Everyone loves cookies and ho ho’s! These are my inflatable friend’s favorite treat. I hope you don’t mind that I add them to the table so everyone can enjoy them.” said the guest to the father.

All of the guests seemed to not even really notice what was taking place.

In fact, they were all having a good time.

It was all in fun anyways, I mean after all it was a party!

Before long all of the guests were taking turns with the inflatable guest.

Throwing him into the air pretending he could fly.

Whispering secrets in his inflatable ears.

Pretending like he was talking back to them.

Taking selfies with him.

And before you knew it the room was filled with laughter and joy.

It was a party after all!

But not everyone was having a good time. There in the corner stood the son.

His face was drawn to the floor and a sense of sadness enveloped him. What had been a day meant for him had somehow become something entirely different. Sure, the guests were in his house, and eating his food, and singing the songs his father had picked out alongside the music the guest had brought, and there were gifts for him…but he just didn’t feel like the day was about him anymore.

The father was patient a man, but it was at this point that the father could feel his temperature rising. He had spent what seemed like an eternity preparing for his son’s big day. This was supposed to be about him. This was supposed to be a special day for him. But somehow things had gotten out of control. And worse yet the guests didn’t even notice.

Once the party was over the guests left on their merry way already talking about what they would do at the next birthday party to help bring more joy and fun to the son…

…because after all…it was just a party.

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