#KimDavis in the Lions Den

4 thoughts on “#KimDavis in the Lions Den

  1. Sorry you had to go through all that interesting storytelling, but the reason most people think resignation would be a more ethical path for Mrs. Davis to take is because she’s accepting taxpayer money for a job she refuses (in part) to do. It doesn’t really matter what reason anyone has for being unable to do a job. Employees can get sick or injured, have personal conflicts with supervisors, issues of sexual harassment, religious objections, or have family emergencies. If you are unable (or unwilling) to do what you promised to do for ANY reason, it’s dishonorable to take the money, and then NOT do it.


    1. It wasn’t “storytelling”….it was providing a Biblical account of someone who did exactly what Kim Davis is doing and yet the Christian response has been atrocious to her while not so much toward Daniel. It’s hypocritical at best.

      That said, the story is straight from the Bible. And as a Christian in a nation founded on Christian principles (notice I did NOT say it was founded as a Christian nation) I approach this from a Biblical perspective. And biblically speaking it could be argued that Daniel was also being paid to do his job via “taxpayers dollars” yet….he did not step down.

      Also, you are operating under the assumption (an incorrect one at that) that she has broken some law. NO single law exists in KY or the US federal government that mandates that same sex marriage licenses be issued. In fact, quite the opposite can be said. A law in KY exists requiring that marriage licenses only be provided to heterosexual couples in accordance with the constitution and laws.

      Now, before you come back with the whole “SCOTUS said…”…let me remind you that SCOTUS is neither supreme or a law maker. They merely interpret existing law. Only Congress passes law. And since Congress hasn’t passed any laws mandating same sex marriage….then KY law is still upheld. Period.

      But unfortunately our public school systems and universities have apparently failed to provide adequate understanding of the 3 branches of government, and what constitutes as states rights (10th amendment).

      So unfortunately, I have to disagree with your entire premise as it is neither constitutionally or biblically correct.


      1. I can see you had a long argument all cued up, but I never said a word about breaking any laws. I was talking about breaking promises, about breaking faith if you will. Mrs. Davis took oaths to do something for the citizens that she now feels she can’t do. It’s just wrong to take payment in that situation. She has every right to protest, but not to get financially rewarded and benefit for what she won’t do. She can earn a living doing something else her conscience allows, like the rest of us.


      2. Nope…but I’ve seen and responded to that comment so many times that I might as well have.

        That said, I bet you didn’t tell that to the teachers who go on strike? Or the train workers who go on strike? Or the McDonald’s workers who go on strike?

        And once again – what she is doing is perfectly in line with constitutional law and KY law. She literally upheld what KY already passed by a 75% vote through the state as what “marriage” is there in KY.

        So yes, it’s about breaking laws…because if she is upholding her state’s laws…then your premise is irrelevant because she is not actually doing anything wrong or unethical or breaking her vows to uphold KY state law (which she is doing).


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