Almost seems like yesterday….

14 years have come and gone and it almost feels like yesterday that it happened. On this day, September 11, 2001 – terrorists hijacked 3 planes with the intention of bringing mass destruction and horror to our nation. As a result over 3,000 lives were lost as we watched 2 planes fly directly into the […]

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Do you smoke?

Do you smoke? That was the question I was asked last night by a fairly young woman carrying a tan purse, sporting a surprisingly clean KFC uniform, who was standing out in front of a Spinx gas station just down the road from my house. I was only there to pick up a late night […]

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“Holy gender mixup, Batman!”

Over the last several weeks and months I have seen one too many articles about purported “institutions of higher learning” implementing policies forbidding students from speaking words that are demeaning, intolerant, and just plain hateful, coupled with recent events of daycare workers being fired for not recognizing a little boy as a girl, and the government […]

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