Murder Bathed in Milk

Milk and the murder of the unborn (abortion) are not two things I automatically put together, but apparently a group of Satanists did–and in front of a Planned Parenthood no less [see HERE for the article]. Apparently these Satan worshipers did it as a counter protest against the pro-life crowds protesting Planned Parenthood for the murders and ultimately sale of the murdered victims body parts for “medical research“.

NOTE: The symbolism and the location didn’t escape me.

Milk, which to most normal people often invokes pictures of comfort and of motherhood and of the instinctual “caring for one’s child”–was being poured over Satan worshipers (a group that supports all things anti-God) in front of a Planned Parenthood (which hates motherhood so immeasurably that it convinces women that they are better off in life if they just murder their unborn child).

So yeah, as you can imagine it’s an image that befuddles the mind of most thinking Americans, but it happened none-the-less.

But in reading the articles out there about this “event” it caused me to step back and really consider what this is saying (or should be saying) to all of us. With that in mind I’m going to try and work out some of what I think it’s saying below so do your best to track with me:

  1. It should say something to you Planned Parenthood that perhaps what you are doing should be really re-considered as “helpful”, and good, and “health care” when you have a group of Satanists taking up for you in front of your office space. You know, the group of people who actually see what you’re doing as “child sacrifice” (which it is), but approve of it as a modern and fully acceptable approach to Satan worship.
  2. It should say something to you women and girls alike who are contemplating going into Planned Parenthood looking to murder your unborn child that you are literally being cheered on and encouraged by a group of Satan worshipers that think that what you are doing is awesome and see it as actually assisting them in their Satanic ritual worship. If anything, this should cause you to wake in the night in a cold sweat with an image in your mind of that girl from the “Exorcist” floating over your bed with a dolly in her hand chanting something demonic in your face. That MIGHT just scare a few of you away from having an abortion.
  3. It should say something to us the Church. We who have been entirely too silent on this issue, and too apathetic, and in some cases too supportive of the act of women murdering their unborn child. It should say something to us the Church when the greatest adversary of the God we worship is going to this place of death and praising their acts and conducting Satanic rituals right out in the open in front of the office doors of Planned Parenthood. If that’s not enough to get us off our apathetic butts and do something and say something about the horrors of abortion, I really don’t know what else would and I will have to seriously consider anyone’s claim to be a Christian who responds in any other other way than disgust and a fire in their belly to end the murder of the unborn.
  4. It should say to America as a whole that we are WAY off course, have completely lost our bearings with regards to our faith and foundation, and we are in serious danger of not being able to return. I honestly believe that much of what we are experiencing as a nation (financial ruin, unemployment, murder rates sky rocketing, etc.) is a direct result of our enabling women in the 1970’s to murder their children without legal recourse or any other form of consequence.

There you have it….just a few things that “murder bathed in milk” should be saying to us today.

I honestly wish I could just walk away from this post with something snarky and quippy to say, but it’s hard to take lightly the murder of the unborn, and the full on public advocation of it by Satan worshipers on behalf of their “god” Satan, and the simple yet disturbing fact that practically no one is really talking about it.

So instead, I will leave you with this bible verse as a heart cry out to God for justice on behalf of the most defenseless of us humans…the unborn:

Psalm 82:3-4

“Give justice to the poor and the orphan; uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute. Rescue the poor and the helpless; deliver them from the grasp of evil people.”

3 thoughts on “Murder Bathed in Milk

    1. I think you are missing the point. We aren’t talking about denying a woman a right to choose. She has a choice, and even if abortion were outlawed she’d still have a choice to murder her unborn child. Also, it should be noted that the choice is really made BEFORE getting pregnant (in 97% of all cases of abortion). The only difference would be that there would now be consequences and legal repercussions for this form of murder is as the case for ALL other forms of murder.


    2. Also as an FYI – an embryo is not a “thing” separate from a human being. It is in fact a term used to describe a stage of human development. It’s not a thing. It’s a stage of human development. You don’t look at a toddler, or a teenager and say they aren’t human because you realize it’s just a stage.


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