When the Circle Becomes Broken

I realize that the old song “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” is referring to the loss of loved ones, especially in the body of Christ and ultimately seeing them one day in heaven. And I also realize that the song is most specifically referring to this loss from the perspective of death. But what about […]

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The Gun Made Me Do It

Woke up this morning to reports out of Virginia of a news anchor and her cameraman being murdered in cold blood LIVE on TV by a murderer with a gun. Reports are now also out that the murderer has now taken his own life rather than face the justice handed out to him through the American Justice […]

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Murder Bathed in Milk

Milk and the murder of the unborn (abortion) are not two things I automatically put together, but apparently a group of Satanists did–and in front of a Planned Parenthood no less [see HERE for the article]. Apparently these Satan worshipers did it as a counter protest against the pro-life crowds protesting Planned Parenthood for the murders […]

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The Talk *makes the EEK face*

It is now August 24th, in the year of our Lord, 2015…and today I am the father of three unique, beautiful, and amazing children. At the time of writing this I have two amazing daughters and one off the chain son. All of my kids are currently under the age of 8, and I figured […]

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In the wind of change

By now you are probably already singing that unforgettable Scorpions tune “Wind of Change” (and if you can whistle – doing the iconic whistle and annoying your dog). I’m literally sitting here listening to it as I write this. Not sure what Gonky Park is….or is it Gorky Park? Anyways….I digress. I’m sure when the […]

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WARNING: What I’m about to say is intolerant, angry, non-PC….and I’m not sorry about it.

Over the last several weeks The Center for Medical Progress has been releasing videos exposing what we in the church, and those in the pro-life community have already assumed regarding Planned Parenthood. While the content of the videos are absolutely horrifying and astonishing…what is more horrifying and astonishing is the response from Planned Parenthood supporters […]

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